Karen Wheeler, LCSW, RPT-S, CST-T

Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Play Therapist, Shamanic Soul Healer

Energy Healing

Shamanic Illuminations involve the use of a healing "Mesa". The mesa is a sacred cloth filled with crystals which have been utilized and entrained to facilitate the client's release of old unhealthy energy. The healing mesa is the result or culmination of the healers own personal work on the inner plane with their teacher.  The inner plane is an alternate plane of existence where the healer can access present and past life experiences.  During an illumination the client releases stuck emotions, thoughts and patterns into the chosen crystal.  An illumination allows new, whole and healed patterns to emerge, changing one's life.

Chakra Balancing is a part of the "Illumination" process but can also be done as a completely separate healing. It is a much shorter and more simple process that Ms. Wheeler often includes in conjunction with a soul psychology psychotherapy session. It involves opening and then balancing the chakras which are the energy centers or organs of the etheric energy body or "soul self".  Balancing chakras often facilitates changes in the emotional and physical bodies.

Pendulum Clearing involves the use of a pendulum which is a pointed crystal suspended from a chain. The pendulum can "read" energy fields including the movement of energy within each chakra and is utilized is most types of energy work by practitioners. A clearing involves use of the pendulum over the third eye chakra, center of the forehead.  The client is directed to make a positive belief statement such as "I am whole" or "I am loveable" and the pendulum is used to clear resistance to this positive thought. Eventually, the client will move into coherence with the thought and the pendulum's rotations will change. This is a simple, brief and powerful method to assist with making changes in ones negative thought patterns. A pendulum clearing is often used in conjunction with a soul psychology session or "Illumination".

​Soul Retrieval involves the healer journeying into the client's inner soul chambers to clear old wounds, change life contracts or retrieve lost soul parts.  A soul part is a fraction of our etheric or soul essence that fractured off and is held separate, usually due to a deep traumatic wound. For example a woman who was sexually abused at age three may have a three year old "part" held in their chamber of grace.  This "part" can be activated or show up as fear or anger during her normal life.  She may have  no memory or understanding of the event or its effect on her now. When ready, bringing this part back and integrating it into her healed soul self can allow for more childlike joy and less fear and reactivity in her daily life. These new integrated soul parts and changed contracts can resolve unhealthy life patterns and beliefs, healing their wounded self.

Cord Cutting is an additional healing that is often performed along with the basic "Illumination". During the cord cutting the client will disconnect the unhealthy energy cord that may exist at the etheric level between the client and other people such as past abusers, children or parents, whether they are alive or have crossed over. This allows both parties to move more freely at an energetic and emotional level. It also allows them if they wish to love each other more fully and embrace forgiveness for any past hurts or wrongs. 

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